For my first ever post that isn’t a comment, I answer the burning question for all EuroTrash junkies the world around. Exactly how much Audi can you buy for 20,000 shiny American copper pennies?

The answer is, a lot. A lot more than I expected that is. Allow me to regale you in the story of how, why, and what’s next.

Back in the early spring, the leaves on the trees were sprouting, the snow was several weeks behind, and our mailboxes were blessing us with tax return money to mindlessly blow on whatsoever we deemed necessary to create happiness. Most of my return money went to my family, children and wife, who needed it for their wants and needs. Mostly food and clothing because that’s all children do is grow and eat. I got my stipend and danced like Rumplestiltskin after receiving a ball of golden yarn.

Weeks prior I heard through the many people I deal with regularly that there was a gentleman who had not one, but two cars for sale and he wanted them gone NOW! I met with the man, inspected the vehicles I was attempting to buy, and we came to an agreement. $200 for the wagon, $200 for the sedan.

This was by no means an ordinary wagon. This was a 1987 Audi 5000 Quattro Turbo Avant 5 speed (Audi 100 C3 for all you dang far-ners). Packed with all of the technology that Audi AG had up its sleeves including advanced electro-mechanical CIS (continuous injection system), SOHC arrangement, and a turbocharger, this 2.2 litre engine was capable of producing around 160 force-fed rampaging stallions. Albeit mechanically, of course.


I was thrilled. I was also garage-less and parking space-less. Luckily I managed to coerce a friend into letting me use the extra space in her 2 car garage for the project. Just had to clear it out first and then I moved the car in.

“Just a head gasket on the wagon. It had a hesitation on acceleration and the guy I took it to spiked the turbo and popped the head gasket. They started disassembly and gave up because of other work that was coming in at the time. That was 2 years ago”

Right on. A simple (however involved) fix. I get to cracking. In the coming 2 weeks after getting the car, I get the head off, broken down and hot tanked. No cracks, no warpage. Friggin awesome.



(sorry for the blurriness using a phone over your head isn’t a good strategy)

Right! So onto the head job (ba dum tiss!).

Stripped it down, removed all the valves, cam and assorted what-have-yous to make it bare and ordered parts.


This is where things get interesting.

In 1987, Audi used a 5 cylinder engine displacing 2.2 litres with turbo. They also employed the ultra modern (for the era) Bosch K-Jetronic CIS fuel injection system. All you German car guys out there just winced a little didn’t ya?

So I decided to order all the parts needed to rebuild the cylinder head back to its original glory. Seals, air guides, o-rings, exhaust manifold studs, copper nuts, heat treated washers, stainless intake manifold bolts and washers (because the rust, oy, it was so hard getting 2 bolts out being hex key type bolts and with 30 years of rust, yadda yadda yadda, wish I had a rotary tool I did) the whole 9 yards. Except injectors, have you seen the price on those things? Yeesh. Not in my budget.


So here I am now...


Yes, YES! I KNOW! Dammit, it will be cleaner next time. Promise!
Turns out Coke crates are the berries when organizing valves and associated parts.


Wee bitty turbo. K20 i think? could be wrong, haven’t checked the casting. That Flange is supposed to be connected to exhaust pipe. More later...

Excuse the mess please. It’s the first time I’ve been back on this project for a month.

I have to assemble the head, hopefully tomorrow, and get this ball rolling. Oh yea, the interior is in pieces too.


One more thing, Did I mention i need this car completed and sold before my fourth (4th!) child is born on July 11th? No pressure.